Free Download

The current version of The Triple Path is v.2015.10.23. It is available in the following formats: PDF, ePub (for e-readers such as Nooks), and for the Kindle (in AZW3 and Mobi formats).

You can download the complete book in four different formats:

1. PDF

2. EPUB - works on virtually all e-readers except Kindles

3. Kindle (AZW3) - for copying onto modern Kindle e-readers or reading on the Kindle app on Android devices. To load onto your Kindle ereader, connect your Kindle to a computer using a USB cord, then copy the file to the "Books" folder on the Kindle. To load onto the Kindle app on Android devices, copy to the "kindle" folder (usually found under "sdcard").

4. Kindle (mobi file format) - for older Kindles, for the Kindle app on iPads and iPhones, or to send by email to any Kindle device or app. Follow these directions from Amazon to send the file as an email attachment to your Kindle device or app.

If you are unable to load the book onto your Kindle or Kindle app, for 99 cents you can also buy a copy of the book for Kindle at Amazon which will be delievered wirelessly to your device (all proceeds from sales donated to charity). A Nook version will be available soon.

This book is protected by copyright. By downloading this book, you agree to be bound by the terms of the copyright permissions granted by the author listed at